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McFarland Usa Film Analysis

The director Niki Caro created a film called McFarland which took place in a small town. This film is about how one coach inspires a group of Latino teenagers. Coach White changes the boys lives when he creates a cross country team where they discover they have  potential and learn from each other to become state champs.

In the movie McFarland, the students learn there is more to life than picking. Another lesson this team learns is that no matter where you come from you can achieve anything. This team support the thesis that the learn that they have a talent as a result they also learn  from each other. In the scene where  they earn the last place slot they made it to other races which  therefore leads this  team to the state finals. Another reason why this team has potential  is because Danny Diaz always came in last place whether it was practice or competitions. At the end of the movie Danny Diaz proves to himself and others he doesn't finish in last place so he makes up points for the team and McFarland wins the state championship. As you can see these are reasons why this movie scene supports my claim on how these group of latinos have talent and or potential.

 USA as a whole has no experience of  what  these kids have been through as a team or group. In this film Niki Caro shows that when the scene comes between Mcfarland and Palo Alto they make fun of them. The reason they have less opportunity  is because     they have to help work and to provide for their families. On the other hand the other teams do even have to provide work to put food on the table.

As you can see these are challenges that this team faces and how they overcome this situation and how they truly earn the american dream.