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Cajas De Carton/ The Circuit : Stories From the Life of a Migrant Child [Spanish Edition] - Francisco Jiménez


This book was a great book  totally recommend  it to people that have a struggle in their life  such as living in hard conditions. Such as where you live. Through the book  Francisco Jimenez lives from place to place following the crops to make money so his father can provide for his family. On page    22 “The Circuit” the  quote says that “ tent city had no address it was simply known as a rural santa  maria. As you can see it is hard living place to place.

I have a self connection with francisco jimenez I used to live from place to place i've moved 7 times already and my mom is thinking about moving again to texas. Such as when I lived in santa clara we just moved into our new first house And as soon as I got used to how things work my mom says ,“ How do you feel about moving”. This connects to francisco jimenez when the story plot changes to tent city,corcoran.

My mom can connect to panchito when panchito and his brother convince his father that to live in santa maria in return getting a job. This connects to my mom when she had to provide for three kids she got a job and has been working all her life to provide for her children. As you can see I can connect my mom  to panchito because they had similar struggles.